Four simple tricks that promise to make driving easier

4 Simple Tricks to Make Driving Easier

Driving can either be the most enjoyable or the most stressful experience of our lives.

So Bradley Hasemeyer has put together a host of tricks that will make a huge difference on your next journey.
The first promises to end distracted driving. Texting behind the wheel is both dangerous and illegal. But by using Siri's text dictation function, a driver is able to keep his or her hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and in touch with their friends!

Secondly, Hasemeyer advises paying attention to the small triangle next to the fuel symbol on the dash. It signifies which side of the vehicle the petrol cap is located on – handy if you are renting or borrowing a car!

For the forgetful drivers among us, the American suggests downloading a car finder app. It'll save you hours of wandering around wondering exactly where you left your car!

Last but not least, if you forget to lock your car and walk out of the key's range, fear not! By holding the key to your cheek or head, the range will be doubled as the water in your head acts to amplify the signal.
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