Giovanna Fletcher reveals struggles of motherhood after nightmare experience with the kids

Giovanna Fletcher has shared a candid story about feeling overwhelmed as a mother.

The mother-of-two, who is married to McFly star Tom Fletcher, posted a photograph on Instagram of her looking exhausted after taking Buzz, two, and six-month-old Buddy for a day out.

In the caption, she explained: "Suddenly realised I rarely get a full day on my own with the munchkins but if I do I've tended to stay at home and in the garden ... But today it happened. I took them out. We went to the shops.

"The first hour was fab - they were laughing and playing together. Then they napped... Brilliant! Then we met the Willis' for lunch and it all fell to pot.

"Buzz didn't want to stay in his seat and wouldn't listen to me. Buddy continuously moaned and then had a full blown meltdown (I think he's teething) ... Now we're home they're laughing and playing again but I'm a beaten woman."

She admitted struggling with feeling inadequate, writing: "Read someone's Instagram post that read 'You got this Mama'... Today I don't feel 'I got this'."

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher announcing their second pregnancy
Giovanna and Tom Fletcher announcing their second pregnancy (Tom Fletcher/YouTube)

However, she did manage to find a silver lining.

"If you think about it, only the last hour was a disaster and the rest was fab," she added.

"So it was actually a 75% successful trip. Now time for dinner, bath and bed ... The fun never ends!"

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