Aerial images show WW1 wreck emerging from sea

Aerial images show WW1 wreck emerging from sea

Aerial pictures have shown that a World War One wreck is being uncovered in the sea off Norfolk.

The wreck of the SS Hjordis, a 976 ton Norwegian collier, which went down off Blakeney Point in 1916 now sits on Blakeney bar in the middle of the Blakeney Harbour channel entrance posing a real hazard to vessels coming in and out.

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As the channel has moved half a mile to the east in the last year it has uncovered the wreck and the flow of water around her has scoured her out.

Aerial images show WW1 wreck emerging from sea

Harbour users, who are represented by the Blakeney Harbour Association, have been receiving regular updates in the last month or two.

Blakeney Harbour Association volunteers have continually re-buoyed the channel entrance and the Trinity House vessels MV Galatea and MV Alert have been seen off Blakeney in the last weeks as they positioned a new warning buoy.

Aerial images show WW1 wreck emerging from sea

Association secretary Charlie Ward said: "It's quite astounding just how far the channel has moved over a very short space of time.

"With the wreck now in the middle of the channel and the channel continuing to move east, there is a lot of work for our volunteers to do, frequently re-buoying the harbour entrance channel to keep pace with these changes."

Full details and coordinates can be found on the Blakeney Harbour Association website.

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