Police officer breaks window to 'save' realistic baby doll

Police Officer Breaks Window To 'Save' Realistic-Looking Baby Doll From Hot Car

A police officer in New Hampshire, USA, broke into a parked car to rescue what he thought was a baby locked in a hot car.

However, it was actually an extremely realistic 'reborn doll' called Ainslie. The dolls have been designed to look as lifelike as possible and can cost thousands of dollars.
The officer spotted the doll in the back of the car and smashed a window to get inside. Before breaking into the car, he called an ambulance and even performed CPR on the doll.

When the owner returned to the car she was reported to be upset about what had happened. She said she'd bought the doll to help her cope after her son died.

The local police force agreed to pay for damages to the vehicle but has shared this story as a lesson to other reborn doll owners.
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