Lewis Bloor has just lost himself lots of fans on Celebrity Big Brother

Lewis Bloor launched into a speech about his relationship with Marnie Simpson in Celebrity Big Brother that had viewers cringing.

He looked almost crazed as he stared at himself in the mirror while making Marnie listen to his five year plan.

Lewis' rant had viewers switching off (Channel 5)
Lewis' rant had viewers switching off (Channel 5)

He said: "I owe it to myself to be a good person. People don't think I'm the nice guy. I care what you and your family think about me, and my family think about us.

"I'm not worried. I know where my heart's at. I'm doing well for myself, I'm in good shape, I've got a job, I've got a career path, I've got a five year plan! Woo! And you are part of it ... plan number one!"

Marnie added: "We're going to rule the world!"

Viewers were cringing.

A perceptive Renee Graziano tried to warn Marnie that Lewis talked about himself WAY TOO MUCH.

"Everyone thinks Lewis talks about himself too much, and looks in the mirror," she said.

Marnie attested she was attracted to his "confidence" but Aubrey O'Day warned her that it could instead be insecurity.

Even Marnie couldn't deny Renee's impression of Lewis looking at himself in the mirror was spot on.

Bear had his own go at breaking up the "showmance" as he warned the pair that he thought they wouldn't last six months.

During the shopping task, Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei come into the house to distract her while she was taking part in a memory challenge and tried to defend their relationship.

"Whatever is going on between them, she's not an liar, she's not an actress, it's real," Sophie protested.

Sophie came in the house to surprise Marnie (Channel 5)
Sophie came in the house to surprise Marnie (Channel 5)

Yeah, no-one was buying it.


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