The world's best airports for finding love

These are the Best Airports to Find 'The One'

We can finally find a reason to look forward to flight delays: it turns out you don't have to wait to hit the resort to find your summer romance.

There are some airports where developing a crush is much more likely to happen.

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According to the dating app 'Happn', there are airports where you are way more likely to lock eyes with a potential new love interest than others.

The airport with the highest success rate is Schiphol in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, according to Happn around 604 people meet other travellers there each day, rounding up to 9,185 crushes each month of the year.

Istanbul's airport is in second place with London Heathrow in third and Copenhagen in fourth place.

So, if you're hoping for a summer romance this year, make sure you get to the airport a little earlier than usual to make the most of your time!

The world's most scenic airport approaches
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The world's most scenic airport approaches
"Flying in to see such a great landmark like Table Mountain as well as the beautiful city of Cape Town makes this airport approach truly one-of-a-kind." 
"The cockpit windows frame the perfect shot of the world's financial hub, appreciated by many, but adored only by pilots. Come rain or shine, the city pulses beneath you during every landing."
Judge Ana Silva O'Reilly "Not for those with faint hears. Landing at ‘The Rock’ requires a lot of skill (and adverse weather conditions redirect flights to Malaga too often), but if you are lucky it is stunning. Also very interesting to see the geographic differences between nearby Spain and this British territory."
Forbes judge Adam Twidell says: "Arrival into this airport brings you between the skyscrapers of an international city and lush Canadian Parkland. Both framed by the Great Lakes in a fantastic juxtaposition between earth and human creation. "
Judge David Scowsill says: "A simply unforgettable and thrilling landing on the world's shortest runway, flanked by cliffs and ocean with a striking view of its active Volcano, Mount Scenery."
"Nowhere in the world can you get so close to a plane landing - it is as if you could jump high enough and touch it. It's an awesome view, both as a passenger on the plane and as person sitting on the beach below."
 "As you cross the water from the mainland you eventually see the hills of the Isle of Barra and surrounding islands in the distance. As you draw closer you are totally enchanted by the contrast of greenery, rugged shorelines, the shimmering waters and the spectacular white sands which you eventually land on (when the tide is out). Totally and utterly amazing."
Judge Tiffany Dowd says: "This has to be one of the most spectacular places to arrive and depart with this breathtaking coastline as far as the eye can see."
Judge Doug Gollan says:  "Arriving at night makes the Las Vegas strip look like some type of miniature recreation. It is always worth a window seat."
Forbes judge Bill Prince says: "A world-class approach to a world class destination. The snatched panoramas as you descend into this hitherto barren-looking landscape makes you realise that pilots do get the best views."

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