How to pack 130 items in your carry-on luggage

How to pack 130 items in your carry-on luggage

Ever struggle to get all your necessities into a carry-on only holiday? You're not alone.

But one woman has created a YouTube video, which we first saw at the Metro, showing how to pack 130 items, yes 130, into her hand luggage.

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In fact, former Bond Girl Rachel Grant manages to pack every item you can see in the bedroom into her Biaggi luggage. Serious props.

There are 23 items of clothing on the rail alone.

Rachel said: "I rarely check-in luggage and can travel for months in a carry on. This saves much hassle at the airport, valuable time at your destination, saves you from queuing and paying for check-in fees, makes taxi rides and getting to your hotel much easier, and you'll never have to wait at the conveyor belt again, be delayed from hold luggage issues, or worry about losing and damaging your luggage.

"But people always tell me they can't fit enough items into their carry on for 1-2 weeks of a summer vacation. I like to travel light, but wanted to demonstrate just how much you can really fit into your hand luggage if you know how. So I made the video!"

Rachel's top tips on the YouTube video include:

Roll clothes to save space
Ziplock bags help compress clothes and will keep you organised
Stuff shoes with folded sock balls (this also helps keep the shoe's shape)
Use rubber bands to keep shoes compressed and together
Fold similar shaped clothes together
Pick lightweight fabrics
Packing cubes keep clothes compressed and organised
Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag

Viewers were suitably impressed. One wrote: "This woman is my hero", while another said: "Damn that is impressive. I'm definitely going to do this on my next trip!"

For Rachel's full tips and blog post, click here.

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