Giant panda surprises zoo keepers by giving birth to twins

Giant Panda Bear Surprises Zookeepers By Giving Birth To Twins
Giant Panda Bear Surprises Zookeepers By Giving Birth To Twins

Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo was celebrating last week after the arrival of its newest member of the panda family, but there was a shock in store.

Yang Yang the panda gave birth to twins! The tiny duo was a surprise for zookeepers in Vienna, Austria who had no idea the bear was pregnant with a second cub.

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Because the delivery happened inside a dark nesting box it wasn't until a week later that the zookeepers got a peak at the second little one.

The double birth was so unexpected that the zoo had even announced the arrival of just the one cub, before they realised there were actually two in there.

Experts explain the chance of survival for both babies are 50 percent in their first few weeks of life.

This is why the adorable baby pandas won't be named until they are 100 days old.

Visitors to the zoo in the next few weeks may be disappointed because you'll have to wait a while to see these little guys.

The babies' first public appearance won't actually be for another four months.

If you can't wait that long and want to keep up with the day to day lives of these cute little babies, you can do so on the zoo's website.

The zoo is posting daily video updates of Yang Yang and her bundles of joy, take a look here: