Jeremy Clarkson reveals his favourite cars from the last 12 months

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been busy since leaving the hit BBC programme last year. Mostly, he's been filming his new car show The Grand Tour with his old TG colleagues Richard Hammond and James May.

It's not just television that takes up Clarkson's time, though. Aside from entertaining his millions of followers on Twitter – he recently recounted a tale of rescuing some holidaymakers from a broken boat – he's also been writing his regular column for the Sunday Times' 'Driving' section.
This week he turned his attention to cars that give him 'the fizz'. In case you're not down with the Top Gear lingo, that's how James May describes a car that excites him. As Clarkson says in his column, "If a car doesn't make you excited every time you climb inside, then it's just a tool. And if it's just a tool, you may as well use the bus."

The first car of note is the Mazda MX-5 Sport Recaro. This latest incarnation of the popular roadster harks back to the original's spirit of lightweight, inexpensive performance, and Clarkson reckons it's so much fun 'it's a cure for depression'.

Jeremy Clarkson reveals his favourite cars of the last year
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Jeremy Clarkson reveals his favourite cars of the last year
"It’s a cure for depression, this car, it really is. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you’re driving it." - Jeremy Clarkson
"I’ve never driven any mainstream road car that generated quite such an outpouring of affection as the Alfa Romeo 4C. Not ever. It was like I was whizzing about in a reincarnated blend of Gandhi and Diana, Princess of Wales." - Jeremy Clarkson
"From behind the wheel it seems as if you are sitting at the back of a supertanker. The bonnet is so vast that if it arrives on time, you will be 20 minutes late." - Jeremy Clarkson
"With the new Focus RS, you know after about 100 yards that it has created something very special. Even at James May speeds, on a roundabout in Hounslow, this car feels cleverer than is normal." - Jeremy Clarkson
"This is a machine that wants to turn its tyres into smoke and go round every corner sideways." - Jeremy Clarkson
"This car is so good in fact that it’d be ideal for those who find the offerings from Land Rover a bit — how can I put this? — pratty." - Jeremy Clarkson
"Never have I encountered any car, including the Rolls-Royce Phantom, that’s so good at refusing to transmit road irregularities into the cabin. Which makes it the most comfortable car in the world." - Jeremy Clarkson
"It’s not just fast in a straight line. It’s also fast through the corners. And not just fast, but a complete delight. It’s so good that in a few bends I was actually dribbling with joy." - Jeremy Clarkson
"The old 458 was not as good as a McLaren 12C. But this new car puts the prancing horse back on top. As a driving machine, it’s — there’s no other word — perfect." - Jeremy Clarkson
"Given the choice of any supercar, this is the one I’d buy. I admire the McLaren P1. But which would you rather have as a pet: a clever and sophisticated electronic robot? Or a bloody great brontosaurus?" - Jeremy Clarkson

Then there's the Alfa Romeo 4C. It's one of those head versus heart cars. From the outside it's so gorgeous it's an item of desire, but it feels badly made, cheap inside and has some disappointing at-the-limit driving characteristics. "It's a terrible car. And yet I adored it," says Clarkson.

The rest of the list includes everything from supercars like the Mercedes-AMG GT S to hot hatches such as the Ford Focus RS. There's even a Vauxhall Zafira in there.

Check out the gallery to see Jeremy Clarkson's top 10 cars, in no particular order, of the past year or so.
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