Third French town bans burkini swimwear after beach fight

Full-body swimsuits banned on Corsica beaches


Corsican town bans the burkini

The mayor of a Corsican town has banned full-body swimsuits known as burkinis after a clash between local residents and Muslim bathers of North African origin.

young woman in burkini swimming in the sea, persian gulf, jumeirah beach in dubai

Ange-Pierre Vivoni is the latest French mayor to prohibit the swimwear, which is worn by some Muslim women, in the wake of Islamic extremist attacks this summer.

The ban in the town of Sisco is aimed at calming religious tensions and protecting Muslims, Vivoni said.

A burkini on sale

A clash on Saturday in Sisco that left at least four people injured and three cars torched reportedly started over the presence of women in burkinis, the interior ministry said.

Cannes and the town of Villeneuve-Loubet also recently banned the burkini.

Critics say the bans are discriminatory and could worsen tensions.