Ferne McCann reveals her new nose and is praised as 'brave and beautiful' on Twitter

Ferne McCann revealed the results of her secret nose job during Monday's episode of This Morning.

The TOWIE star appeared live on the ITV programme to unveil her new look after undergoing surgery after years of battling with her insecurities.

The 26-year-old reality TV star also spoke of how online trolls bullied her over her appearance and that, while she didn't have a nose job for them, the criticism did knock her confidence.

Sitting opposite stand-in hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, Ferne proudly showed off her new appearance, her nose smoothed slightly after her surgeon Professor James Frame worked his magic.

She said: "It is subtle and I wanted it to be subtle. I didn't want to change my whole face. I didn't want to wake up and think it looks completely different.

Ferne McCann
Ferne McCann's new nose (ITV/This Morning grab)

Ferne McCann
Ferne McCann unveiled her new nose on This Morning (ITV/This Morning grab)

"It has bugged me my whole life, especially as a teenager. I was teased at school. I felt like it was taking over my face. I just wanted to get rid of the bump."

She went on, becoming emotional and tearing up: "It was just I think one thing that has bugged me my whole life, especially when I was a teenager. I got teased at school - boys used to call me Goose - and that made it become an insecurity."

Ferne went on to stress that she didn't change her image for the bullies or the trolls, and also shared words for young girls who might see her as a role model and are considering making drastic changes too.

Ferne McCann
Ferne McCann in hospital (ITV/This Morning grab)

Ferne McCann
Ferne McCann has said she is "really happy" now (ITV/This Morning grab)

"The reason I'm being so honest and open is that I am in the public eye, some girls might see me as a role model. If you are thinking of undergoing any plastic surgery - you feel awkward or whatever - wait until you're an adult.

"It's not a decision you can make lightheartedly. But in the end it was something I wasn't doing for anyone else... it was a personal thing. Now I'm very happy."

Fans of the star were thrilled for her, calling her brave on Twitter and praising the very subtle change to her image.

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