Driver pulled from Lamborghini wreckage seconds before explosion

One person has been rescued from the wreckage of a Lamborghini Huracan seconds before the engine burst into flames.

The black supercar had been passing through a junction in Chicago when it was hit by another car, sending it spinning out of control. The Huracan then crashed into a pole and split in two.
Shocking mobile phone footage from the scene shows the black supercar in the middle of the road with wreckage strewn across the area. The rear section of the car is on the pavement beside the road.

Passers-by can be seen running to the driver's aid before another clip shows a small group carrying the injured person from the car. Seconds later, the Lamborghini bursts into flames.

Authorities have not released any detailed information about the cause of the crash, so it is currently unclear whether speed was a factor or if either car ran a red light.

One person was injured in the accident but authorities have not released information about their condition. However, witnesses said the person was conscious following the crash.

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