When drinking at work is no problem

The employers that give you free beer

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Drinking at work is generally seen as a no-no - particularly if there's a safety aspect.

Recently, for example, two pilots were hauled from the cockpit of an Air Transat plane as it prepared for takeoff in Glasgow after passengers spotted them behaving oddly. Last year, another pilot was jailed for being drunk while flying.

Whether or not there's a clear safety issue, many work contracts specify that you need to be sober at work. However, it appears we don't take much notice, with a survey last summer from ACAS revealing that as many as 85% of people have been drunk at work during the last year.

"Just one person on the shop floor or in the workshop incapable through alcohol puts everybody at risk,' comments Mark Hall of Protecting.co.uk.

"In a bank or an office, just one wrong finger on a keyboard could cost thousands, millions, in lost trade. That's the cost of a pub lunch."

However, in some jobs having the odd drink at work is seen as perfectly acceptable; and there's even evidence that it can make you better at what you do.

Researchers at the University of Illinois found two years ago that 'moderate intoxication' made people better at a task involving spotting changes in a video. "Both the sober and drunk people find the same number of changes, but drunk people find them faster," said author Jennifer Wiley.

And for plenty of people working in the drinks or restaurant trade, the odd drink is part of the job. Right now, for example, jobs sites such as Indeed have hundreds of jobs involving arranging wine tasting - all of which mean having the odd tipple yourself.

But for those resigned to a more conventional career, there's still good news. The Glassdoor recruitment site recently checked through its anonymously-contributed staff reviews and found that a surprising number of companies reward their workers with free beer.

We check out 15 companies that are likely to offer you a pint.

"Friendly, fun, sample sales, discount codes, summer party, Christmas party, Friday beers, 5 hours Fridays during summer, casual smart dress code, lots of benefits, wonderful C level exec." – ASOS senior BI engineer, London

"Very good people to work with, fun and relaxed atmosphere, easy to gain responsibility if you show promise. Beer fridge on Fridays." – Betfair commercial graduate, London

"As a company, they say they look after their people, and they really do! They are more than willing to help where they can, be it professional or personal. Awesome phone, awesome Mac, food, beers, regular social gatherings - what more could a person ask for?" – Cloudreach employee, Edinburgh

"The offices are always kitted out with not just equipment, but with snacks, drinks, and even beer/cider!!" - FanDuel software engineer, Edinburgh

"Beer o'Clock on Friday, HUGE Xmas party and release drinks on Huddle every month." - Huddle employee, London

Oliver James Associates
"There is a very strong work ethic across the company, which is massively rewarded in the social side, including Friday beers courtesy of the company and company retreats/Christmas events." - Oliver James Associates consultant, Manchester

"Flexible working hours/location and the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and be creative. Beer on Fridays!" - Politics.co.uk video journalist, London

"Great people, innovative projects, good benefits (inc the all important work/life and beer/wine balances). - Rehabstudio employee

"Free lunches and breakfasts one day a week along with on-tap drinks and beer Fridays make the experience of working there very enjoyable and care-free." - RetailMeNot employee, London

SAB Miller
"Pub in every office in the world, free beer every month - what else do you want :)" - SAB Miller employee, Woking

Secret Escapes
"It's a relaxed environment, I love wearing casual clothes to the office. There's free food and drink in the fridge and wine and beer on a Friday." - Secret Escapes employee, London

The Utility Warehouse
"The CEO created his own beer called 'Piggy Brew'. The bar is open after work, and on the last Friday of the month they have an open bar where you can drink as much as you like." - Utility Warehouse, customer service advisor

"Free fruit, cereal, snacks, beers and wine in the London office." -TripAdvisor analyst

"Great environment, with nice perks and plenty of extra bonuses, free breakfast, bar with craft beers, massages, pool table and ping pong." - uSwitch employee, London

"There are chill-out spaces offering you the option of playing a game of pool or ping pong, this coupled with pizza or sandwich lunch every Tuesday before payday, 3pm daily treats, finishing at 5pm on Friday to enjoy beer/wine or even a cider make a great place to work." - Zoopla employee, London

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