A Brazilian hen party crashed Dan Walker's late night Olympics coverage and it was fantastic

A Brazilian hen party interrupted Dan Walker live on BBC Four as he presented the Olympics coverage and the bride even sat down for a quick natter.

The presenter looked bemused as a rowdy group of ladies all tied together started shouting in the background of his piece.

Ever the professional, Dan took it in his stride and waved bride Maria over for a chat.

It started well with Maria telling Dan it was one month till she would tie the knot and sending a message to her soon-to-be husband, with Dan quipping, "I hope he's watching BBC Four."

Maria even showed off her Fluminense tattoo and declared her love for the Brazilian football team, although Dan got on the wrong side of his spirited spontaneous guest when he revealed he preferred the Flamengo team.

But it got all kinds of brilliant when Dan told her they were a BBC camera crew.

Maria led the hen do in a chant of "BBC, BBC, BBC," while Dan laughed in disbelief.

"This is lovely," he said.

Viewers loved the gatecrashers.

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