'New' Ferrari 599 GTO on sale for whopping £900k

As the classic car market continues to dumbfound us with its skyrocketing prices, here's a timely reminder that there's money to be had in modern specials, too.

It still needs to be pretty unique, though. Here we have a Ferrari 599 GTO, which was the road-going version of the track-only 599XX. The boys from Maranello even claimed it was their fastest ever road car, lapping the Fiorano test circuit in one minute 24 seconds – that's a whole second faster than an Enzo.
It was also only the third time Ferrari had given a car the GTO moniker – which stands for Gran Turismo Omologato – and the first time in 25 years one of its cars had worn the badge.

The engine is a 6.0-litre V12 and has a 'diamond-like carbon coating', so it's a pretty serious bit of kit. It makes 671bhp and 457lb/ft of torque, while the car's overall weight has dropped 100kg from the standard GTB.

Ferrari snobs might turn their noses up at the fact it's a road-legal GTO, but those who've driven it don't care. Road tests from the time claim it's no more intimidating to drive than the car it's based on, but offers incredible performance upgrades.

‘New’ Ferrari 599 GTO on sale for whopping £900k
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‘New’ Ferrari 599 GTO on sale for whopping £900k

Just 599 of the GTO were made between 2010 and 2011, costing £300,000 each. So how can this one command such a ludicrous price hike?

Well, for starters it's got delivery mileage, meaning its one previous owner never drove it. In fact, it's technically a 2016 car, meaning it was never even registered until the owner decided to sell. That takes special levels of restraint.

It's finished in Rosso Corsa red and has a Nero Alcantara interior. There's stitching to match the exterior paint and large carbon-fibre racing seats. Despite its race-bred history, the GTO isn't lacking in creature comforts, offering parking sensors, heated windscreen and an infotainment system.

This Ferrari 599 GTO is up for sale at Meridien Modena Ferrari in Lyndhurst for £899,995.
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