Why you should never stay in a wet bathing suit or gym kit

They're a hotbed for bacteria in unwanted places, apparently...

Why You Should Never Stay in a Wet Bathing Suit

Summer means spending as much time as possible in your bathing suit - but did you know you shouldn't stay in a wet swimming costume or sweaty gym kit?

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Swimsuits are the perfect place for bacteria buildup can lead to yeast infections urinary tract infections or result in an itchy rash.

The best thing you can do after taking a dip in the pool, if you're not going to dry off quickly in the sun, is to change into a fresh suit.

The same goes for an intense workout followed up by getting out of those sweaty clothes as quickly as possible.

Health experts warn that women with weakened immune systems, as well as those with diabetes or who take certain medications, are more likely to be affected by extended wear of a wet swimsuit when swimming in the ocean or pool swimsuit. The material absorbs various chemicals and bacteria which can cling to your private parts, so a wet bathing suit and can lead to urinary tract infections yeast infections are also common because yeast thrives in warm wet environments.