Which star is the latest evictee of the Celebrity Big Brother house? And who are they blaming for their exit?

Chloe Khan was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house after her fate was left in the hands of James Whale and the spin of a wheel.

She faced fellow nominee, Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, in a game of chance in the final of Big Brother's Big Risk, after DJ James and Ex On The Beach star Stephen Bear were saved by the public vote.

Chloe Khan was evicted (Channel 5)
Chloe Khan was evicted (Ian West/PA)

The other housemates were asked to place segments with either Marnie or Chloe's face on to a game show-style wheel, choosing which lady they wanted to evict.

All the housemates except Bear chose to evict Chloe, and James, who had received the highest public vote of the night, was asked to spin the wheel, which landed on Chloe's face.

The X Factor reject left the house to boos from the crowd.

Chloe blamed her exit on housemate Renee Graziano after taking her place on the list of nominees at the last minute on Thursday.

The Mob Wives star had been up for eviction but during the shopping task she secured a "save and replace" - and picked Chloe instead.

Viewers had watched the pair have a huge argument in the house earlier in the show, in which Chloe accused Renee of being jealous of her relationship with Bear.

Chloe and Renee had earlier been in an argument over Bear (Channel 5)
Chloe and Renee had earlier been in an argument over Bear (Channel 5)

Speaking to host Emma Willis after her eviction, she said she expected her eviction because she had chosen Bear, who she called "the most genuine out of everyone in there", and had "totally stopped caring what people thought".

She revealed that Renee had told her prior to entering CBB that she planned to have a "showmance" with someone and blamed her anger on the fact Bear had picked her.

She said: "Renee was mad about Bear at the beginning ... she got in bed with him and wanted to make it a thing with them two and - whether it's for the show or what it is - Bear said no."

Chloe and Bear entered into a relationship in the house (Channel 5)
Chloe and Bear entered into a relationship in the house (Channel 5)

Asked if she had heard that from Renee, Chloe defended herself, saying: "The exact thing she said to Bear about making a thing (romance) for the show, she said to me before on WhatsApp ... so I knew she was trying to create a thing in there.

"At the beginning she said I like Bear and stopped in her tracks and changed her mind."

Speaking about the earlier incident when Renee was left in tears by Bear, she complained: "She is an emotional mess but she's so good at turning it on."

Their relationship had prompted many viewer complaints (Channel 5)
Their relationship had prompted many viewer complaints (Channel 5)

She defended controversial housemate Bear, saying: "He likes to spice it up...everyone takes it so personal and he's such a nice person really."

Shown a compilation of X-rated scenes from their romance in the house, which have regularly prompted viewer complaints to Ofcom, Chloe said it was "intense" to watch.

"I went in thinking a million per cent not to touch anyone, kiss anyone, but you forget there's all these cameras. I think when no one can see you in there, you forget people can see you," she said.

She told Emma she believed the romance would continue outside the house.

Asked if Bear would be different in the house without her, she replied, "I think you haven't seen anything yet."

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