Tom Hiddleston laughs off Taylor Swift question

Tom Hiddleston has brushed off Robert Downey Jr's Taylor Swift jibe.

The Hollywood actor poked fun at The Night Manager star within minutes of Tom joining Instagram.

Captioning a picture of Tom wearing his "I Love Taylor Swift" t-shirt, Robert - Tony Stark in Iron Man - wrote on Instagram: "Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of all time to Instagram! @twhiddleston"

He also donned a t-shirt with the words I Love Loki, referencing Tom's Thor character.

The Los Angeles Times asked the British actor about Robert's funny post in a live Facebook chat.

"I don't mean to ask a really personal question, but it would be remiss not to, but can you talk to me about the Robert Downey Jr relationship?", the reporter asks.

"He had something to say with your Instagram arrival".

Tom laughed: "Robert and I we're very close and I got to know him working on the Avengers back in 2011. There's a lot of mutual affection."

"I feel like it's an expression of mutual admiration. It's great. He's very sweet. And within the Marvel universe there's a lot of that that goes about. A lot of throwing paper aeroplanes."

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