Skoda uses 155 high-definition cameras to discover the best cycling position

Skoda has used an innovative technology to ascertain the optimised riding position for Olympic cyclist, Pavel Kelemen.

A rig of 155 high-definition cameras, which are usually reserved for fine-tuning automotive aerodynamics, were first used to generate 3D models of the Czech cyclist.
This data was then evaluated in a computational fluid dynamics simulation, which showed how the wind currents developed around him as he cycled.

In analysing these results, Skoda's engineers found that by adjusting his posture, Kelemen could further minimise air resistance.

The 25-year-old will be competing in the men's sprint later today, and hopes that the information derived by Skoda, combined with his physical training and knowledge as a racer, could see him placed on the podium.

He will also take part in the men's Keirin next Tuesday, an event in which racers pace behind a gradually accelerating electric motorcycle for several laps, before sprinting for the finish line when it moves aside.

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