Fleet of supercars left to block road while drivers attend a wedding

Local residents and business owners have been left fuming after a fleet of expensive supercars were left to block a Birmingham street.

Cars were left abandoned in the middle of the road while their drivers attended a wedding at a nearby venue called Second City Suite.
The unique traffic jam on Hurst Street included three Lamborghini Aventadors, two Ferrari 458s and two Audi R8s. As well as these supercars, two stretched Hummers and a Rolls-Royce can be seen parked on double yellow lines.

The video was recorded by Garry Prentice, co-owner of the Eden Bar located on Hurst Street, told the Birmingham Mail "this is just a regular occurrence".

He said: "I took the footage on a Saturday and it is regularly as bad as seen in the video.

"I've even put cones outside on the road to stop people parking there, but they simply remove them."

A spokeswoman for Second City Suite claimed the incident was a 'one-off' and said that it ensured the vehicles were promptly moved.

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