Zac Efron and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles are having the cutest Twitter love-in


Actor Zac Efron and the incredible gymnastic force that is USA Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles can't stop sharing their love for one another on Twitter.

The gymnast's gravity-defying routines have made her America's darling and she's caught the attention of High School Musical star Zac for her ultimate fan-girl status of him.

Exhibit A: her cardboard cut-out.

Their social media love-fest started on The Ellen Show earlier this year when 19-year-old Simone revealed her crush on Zac and the chat show host gave her a leotard covered in the actor's face to wear to the next championship.

She was so excited by her gift, she even tweeted Zac asking if she could wear it to her next gymnastics championship.

Simone finally got tweeted by Zac in July, prompting the cutest outpouring of excitement from her.

And he didn't forget her when it came time for Simone to take the the gym floor earlier this week and win gold alongside Team USA at her first ever Olympics.

He first congratulated her for making it through to the qualifying rounds and then showed his appreciation for her and The Final Five when he proudly tweeted he was watching them "dominate the floor".

Look, he placed himself (and his heart hands) right next to Simone! She's retweeted the message but is yet to send him a reply (at least not publicly).

Never stop being great guys. And well done Simone!

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