New Star Trek series lead: A woman but not a captain


"Star Trek: Discovery" Will Be Led By A Woman

The start of production on the new Star Trek TV series is a month away and the debut date isn't until next January, but the efforts to build fan interest is already in motion.

Following up a Comic-Con panel in July about Star Trek: Discovery, executive producer Bryan Fuller shared details about the 13-episode series' setting, characters and innovations at a Television Critics Association event.

Bryan Fuller (Rich Fury/AP/Press Association Images )
Bryan Fuller (Rich Fury/AP/PA)

"We want to arc out the information so you'll get a little information today, you'll get a little more information in October, and we'll keep building the evolution of the 'reveal' as we go," he said.

His disclosures included that the main character is female (human, yes; a captain, no); that the story will feature a gay character, and that there will be more aliens.

Given that previous Star Trek series were all from the captain's point of view, giving the woman different duties will allow for a new dynamic in both relationships and storytelling, Bryan said, although he didn't specify her title.

Casting for the series set aboard the USS Discovery has yet to be announced.