Ed Balls' latest cake creations have raised his Twitter game and will make you want him for your next birthday party

Ed Balls' discovered this week he will be facing Will Young in this year's Strictly Come Dancing and he will need all the social media support he can get to beat the Pop Idol star.

His famously blunt entrance to Twitter 5 years ago created Ed Balls Day, sparked a series of copycat tweets and announced to the world that he probably didn't have a clue how the internet worked.

What a difference five years and a stint on Sport Relief Bake Off makes though. Nowadays Ed has learnt that all people on Twitter are really looking for, as in most walks of life, is a great big cake.

Here are some of his creations, and they are inspired.

His most recent concoction shows he's getting to know his social media now

And he's all about the flavour

He takes requests too!

No sport is safe from being made into icing...

While his food recreations look genuinely quite lifelike.

He even bakes cakes for his pals on the job

And this little number shows he sees the funny side to his famous Twitter mishap

With this level of Twitter game, you'd better be looking over your shoulder Will...

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