X Factor's Craig Colton reveals his incredible 4 stone weight loss on Loose Women

Back on X Factor in 2011, Craig Colton won over the nation with his dulcet tones and infectious, kind and warm personality. A born performer, he came sixth in the competition overall.

But now, the 27-year-old singer looks a completely changed man, having shed four stone in weight and undergone an image transformation after years of coping with insecurities following his stint on the ITV reality show.

He appeared on Loose Women to chat about his weight loss and the struggle he has been through, and viewers were stunned and impressed at Craig's new look.

Speaking to the panellists, he sported a khaki jacket and a handsome smattering of heavy stubble on his chiselled face, his hair coiffed to perfection.

But it was his slimmed-down physique that really caught the eye, the formerly overweight young man now slimmer and healthier.

The X Factor's Craig Colton
The X Factor's Craig Colton in 2011 (Yui Mok / PA Archive/PA Images)

The Liverpool lad admitted he disliked watching clips of himself from all those years ago, as he joked: "I look like ten tonne Tessie."

He confessed that part of the reason he finds it difficult to look back at himself is not just about his size, but his confidence: Craig revealed his insecurities actually grew once he started shedding the pounds.

"I didn't get that much (negativity about his weight), I was just very sensitive," he said of his younger self back on The X Factor.

Craig Colton
Craig Colton revealed his new look on Loose Women, which has seen him shed four stone (ITV/Loose Women YouTube)

"Once I started to lose weight, my insecurities became stronger. When I see that video, he was so much more confident than I became."

But, he said, he is now happier and, while he still faces some struggles, he is in a great relationship and that makes a huge difference.

He gushed, over his boyfriend Shane Cooper: "I think being in a healthy good relationship helped. I was in a toxic relationship, being with someone new now it feels completely different now."

Twitter exploded with praise for Craig, many of whom couldn't believe his jaw-dropping transformation.

And others appreciated his honest words that weight loss isn't necessarily going to make you feel better, with one fan agreeing that they felt better at a much larger size.

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