The Lost Boys from Hook have reunited 25 years later and we feel so old

If you're old enough to remember Peter Pan sequel Hook then get ready to feel even older.

The movie is 25 years old and the Lost Boys have reunited for a very special photo op.

They may be 25 years older but they still have enough swagger to pull off their costumes.

The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.

On the Lost Boys front, Dante Basco played Rufio while Raushan Hammond played Thud Butt, Isaiah Robinson played Pockets, Jasen Fisher was Ace, James Madio was Don't Ask, Thomas Tulak played Too Small, Alex Zuckerman played Latchboy and No Nap was portrayed by Ahmad Stoner.

The guys even recreated a favourite moment from the film.

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