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Dear Fixer,

My 19-year-old daughter just got her first car, a Vauxhall Corsa. It's quite old, so I am a bit worried about her breaking down and would like to buy her breakdown cover so she has someone to call if she gets stuck.

I'm prepared to spend up to about £100 on it. Do you have any tips? Thank you in advance.

R Gordon, Hastings

Dear Mr Gordon,

Breakdown cover can prove very useful if you break down at the side of the road. Taking it out for your daughter will offer you the peace of mind of knowing she can get help with one call should there be a problem with her car.

But it is important to shop around for the best deal as prices, and protection, vary widely.

Basic breakdown cover from the AA, for example, starts at £28 a year, but will only protect your daughter for one call-out per year – with extra call-outs charged at £99 each.

The company's cheapest package with unlimited call-outs costs £39 a year, but does not include home assistance (for issues within 0.25 miles of her home) or transport to the planned destination should she be unable to drive her car.

Given how much you are prepared to spend, it may therefore be worth opting for a mid-range package.

The AA's most popular package costs £109 a year and includes roadside assistance, home assistance and national recovery, which means it will take your daughter, her car and her passengers to their destination if the vehicle can't be fixed.

With rival provider RAC, meanwhile, you can get all the same benefits plus a courtesy car, hotel accommodation or alternative transport up to five times a year for £119.99.

It also offers a cheaper policy including everything but home assistance for £89.99, which could prove a good option if your main concern is your daughter breaking down away from home.

The Fixer

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