A driver reversed her classic Merc on to a Ferrari 458 Speciale

Uh-oh: Benz Driver Backs into $290k Ferrari

A Mercedes driver has damaged both her classic 380SL roadster and a Ferrari 458 Speciale in an unfortunate reversing incident.

While attempting to parallel park outside an eye clinic in Great Falls, Virginia, the woman over-eagerly reversed and the rear of her car mounted the front of the Speciale.
Despite touching the throttle in an attempt to dislodge her car, the Roadster remained atop the Ferrari's bonnet.

Even more unfortunately for the woman, a Katie's Cars & Coffee gathering was taking place in the vicinity, and so a large crowd gathered to witness her embarrassing predicament.

A man, thought to be the Ferrari's owner is heard saying: "Are you serious? Are you fu****g serious? That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen."

The woman then exclaims: "Oh my god, I am shaking."
A number of scratches were reportedly visible on the 458's bonnet after the Mercedes had been removed, however it was unclear how severe the damage was.

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