Police forced to use CS gas after being attacked during traffic stop

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment two Met Police officers were attacked following a traffic stop in Shadwell, east London.

Video filmed from a balcony overlooking the scene starts with the two officers holding on to two men while threatening to spray the aggressive onlookers with pepper spray.
The five men beside the road ignore the police and try to pull their friends free. At this point one of the officers uses his spray, sending the aggressive men reeling backwards.

The scrapping continues, with one officer ending up on the floor.

Fortunately, back-up arrives as two more police cars appear on the scene and help make arrests.

The Met Police said: 'Whilst officers were speaking with the driver, a large group of males began arguing with them.

'The males became more aggressive. Two police constables were treated for minor injuries.

'Four males were arrested on suspicion of various offences including assault on police, obstruction and Public Order Act offences.

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