Brazilian police release bodycam footage of motorcycle chase

If you're off to the Rio Olympics this summer, you're going to want to be extra careful when renting out a vehicle.

That's after the Brazilian military police shared footage of a high-speed motorcycle pursuit through busy suburban streets, complete with a heavy metal sound track.
The nine-minute-long clip, filmed on a bodycam, shows as the motorcycle-mounted officer chases a criminal, swerving wildly around blind bends and into head-on traffic.

The small capacity bikes are pushed to their limits during the chase, which only ends when the cop pulls alongside the miscreants and forces them from their bike.

A number of colleagues arrive seconds later and deal with the burgeoning crowds in a no-nonsense manner – going for their guns.

Granted, the video carries the logo of the Sao Paolo division – which is almost 280 miles away from the Olympic host city – but our guess is that police across the country use similarly unconventional methods.

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