Family destroys their car to rescue kitten trapped in dashboard

Family Destroys Their Car To Save Tiny Kitten Trapped Inside Dashboard

A family was forced to dismantle the dashboard of their car after their new pet kitten got trapped inside.

The Williford-Neal family of Vero Beach, Florida had only adopted the six-week-old cat moments before his curiosity saw him crawl into the dashboard through an opening under the glove box.
Despite their attempts to coerce him out, the fearless feline stayed put, and so the family appealed on social media for help.

When Valerie and Ron Spada, of Spada's Total Auto Repair read about their plight, they immediately offered to help.

"The husband told us, 'I don't care about the car. Just please get the kitten out,'" Valerie told animal website The Dodo.

"He helped us saw through the dashboard, removing the radio, the AC, the centre console — everything. The car was demolished. The whole time he was just praying to God that the kitten is rescued."

Finally, 20 hours after crawling inside, the young feline was rescued from the Chevrolet Monte Carlo.
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