Five ways your dog shows you love

Your Dog Says 'I Love You' by Doing This

We all know a waggy tail is a sign of happiness in a hound, but how tuned-in are you to the other ways your pet displays its affections? Here are five ways your dog shows you love...

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1. Bedtime snuggles
Dogs are pack animals and sleep together for warmth. If your pet tries to snuggle up with you at bedtime, it's an expression of trust and generosity. He wants to keep you warm. Providing him with his own cosy dog bed may encourage him to sleep alone.

2. Low anxiety
Don't feel put out if your pooch doesn't seem bothered when you leave the house. It shows that she is not worried that you won't return – and is not suffering from separation anxiety.

3. Post-prandial slump
If Fido wants to join you on the sofa after his mealtime, it's not because he's particularly keen on Coronation Street but because dogs have evolved to snuggle up together after eating – and he thinks of you as one of the pack. Don't fancy sharing the sofa? Treat your best friend to their own dog couch.

4. Playtime presents
When your dog comes to you looking hopeful with a ball in her mouth, it's not just because she's hoping for a nice game of fetch. It's also the equivalent of humans giving one another gifts, so try to be a gracious recipient and spend a few minutes playing. If you want to show your dog some love in return, why not buy them a new dog toy?

5. Getting under your feet
If your pet is sitting on your feet you should interpret it as an expression of loyalty, rather than an attempt to trip you up. Dogs are possessive animals and getting as close to you as possible is his way of displaying your ownership.
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