Two rare Amur leopard cubs born at Twycross Zoo

Ruth Doherty
            Two rare Amur leopards are born at Twycross Zoo
Two rare Amur leopards are born at Twycross Zoo

Two of the world's rarest big cats, the Amur leopard, have been born at Twycross Zoo.

The cubs are the second pair of babies born to their parents and the zoo says their birth marks another milestone in its efforts to save the species from extinction.

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The cats, who are native to eastern Russian forest and mountain environments are at risk of being wiped out in their natural habitat. As solitary hunters they continually face habitat loss as well as being poached for their fur.

Recent estimations show the number of wild Amur leopards has now dropped beneath 70 individuals, however the exact number is difficult to count as they are so rare.

With around 200 of these leopards in zoos across the world, the new cubs at Twycross will help conservationists hoping to reintroduce the cats and into the wild.

The zoo said: "They have started to venture out of their enclosures and visitors can also view the cubs through the big screen, which is located just outside the Amur Leopard enclosure. A must see this summer!"