DJ Khaled pens heartfelt thank-you letter to fans


After the release of his ninth studio album, Major Key, DJ Khaled has written a letter thanking his fans for all their support.

Khaled's a champion of new media like Snapchat, a platform that gives fans unprecedented insight into his personality, but chose to get a bit more personal with this one.

"Over the past 10 years of We The Best Music I have had my ups and downs but one thing never changed. And that is the support and love from my fans," wrote Khaled.

"When I say I do this for you I mean it. It inspires me to see that you are inspired by my energy. It inspires me when I go out in the jungle and fan luv shows up in the thousands to celebrate what we've accomplished. My goal is to spread love. My goal is to inspire the next young genius to be great. My goal is to create the best body of work that speaks to everyone."

Things get more energetic as the letter goes on, in true Khaled style: "Fan luv we r so connected !!! Fan luv let's win more let's embrace our blessings we have life we can do Anything we want do!! We r so blessed !!! ... They don't want u to prosper or progress so make sure u prosper and progress !!!"

Read the whole inspiring thing here. Extra points if you do it all in Khaled's voice.