You're alone and start to choke - would you know what to do?

Researchers Reveal a Method to Use When Choking Alone

Research suggests that 30-40% of choking victims are alone at the time. So what should you do if you start choking, but there's no one around to help?

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Take a 'head down' approach. That's the advice of Artur Luczak, from the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience, University of Lethbridge, who has written a paper on the subject.

The technique involves inverting the head and upper body by going into a "downward dog" position or by hanging upside down off the front of a chair.

This method has been shown to enable gravity to help get the lodged food out. It can also help to remove saliva and other fluids which may further obstruct air flow during choking.

So now you know.
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