'Silent Partner' gadget quietens the sounds of snoring

'Silent Partner' takes the zzzzzzz out of snoring

If you live with a snorer you'll know just how annoying the problem can be. While your partner manages to sleep through their pneumatic drill and train impersonations at night, you're left wide awake.

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There are many products on the market that claim to stop the snore, but the Silent Partner takes a different approach – and cancels out the sound of snoring.

The device is worn on the face of the snorer, using medical-grade adhesive to comfortably stay in place, and uses a built-in microphone to pick up when the person starts snoring. Once it has detected the amplitude and frequency of the sound wave it then cancels it out – similar to headphones that block out engine noise on airplanes

In physics, the concept is known as antiphase – when two sound waves find each other in the same area and cancel each other out.

Quietlife CEO Netanel Eyal says: "Average snoring is around 70 decibels. Our device can reduce it by 15 decibels from 20 centimetres away, it's a very large amount of reduction, it significantly reduces the sound of snoring."

The device is effective from as close as 20cm (8 inches) away. So you – and your partner – can get a good night's rest without having to sleep on the sofa.
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