All-electric Corvette breaks EV land speed record

The Fastest Electric Car Ever Isn't a Tesla, It's a Converted Corvette

When you think of the world's fastest electric vehicle, multi-million dollar manufacturer Tesla probably springs to mind.

Chevy, meanwhile – a brand synonymous with muscle machines – would be the last choice.
However, a converted Corvette Z06 has recently set the land speed record for a street legal EV, reaching an incredible 205.6mph.

The 2006 model was modified by powertrain specialist Genovation. It features a 44 kWh battery pack and electric motor, and reportedly puts out 700hp and 813.5Nm torque through its rear wheels.

The same model first broke the EV land speed record back in March, with a run of 186.8mph over the flying mile.

In just four months, Genovation upped that record by almost 20mph, thanks to a host of improvements to the car.

According to the Maryland-based company, more speed is on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for the Covette's next high-speed feat.
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