Has she forgotten her bikini bottoms? Optical illusion goes viral

A hilarious new optical illusion that has gone viral after being posted on photo sharing website Imgur is leaving Internet users baffled.

The image shows a group of people partying at a lake in America as a man poses with a can of drink.

Standing behind him is a woman staring out at the lake but on first glance it appears as though the woman has forgotten to wear bikini bottoms.

Thankfully, it is just the unfortunate positioning of the photographer's camera, which shows what appears to be her bottom when it is in fact the crease of the man's arm.

Last month, the latest brainteaser to hit the Internet confused users far and wide who were left scratching their heads searching for an object hidden on a car seat.

The mystery object is difficult to spot at first.

Another optical illusion which showed a couple embracing on the beach left our brains hurting when it was uploaded by Reddit user Blood_Reaper.

The photo appeared to show a loved-up pair in a tender embrace in what looks like a gorgeous beach setting.

It's almost impossible to fathom where the man ends and the woman begins - the woman's legs appear to be in front of the man but her torso is behind him - until you look closer and pay attention to the shorts the man in the photo is wearing.

Animal photobombs
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Animal photobombs

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Amanda Leigh and her husband Patrick were posing for photos at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, USA, when 11-year-old beluga whale Juno swam behind them and flashed a big grin.

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Just horsing around...

This party crashing seal wasn't about to let the penguins have all the fun.

Photographer Andrey Nekrasov, 42, captured these amusing images while taking underwater pictures of the two belugas.


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