Katie Price hits back at critics of photo showing her kissing son Harvey on lips

Katie Price has hit back at critics who slammed a photo she posted online of her kissing her son Harvey on the lips.

The outrage comes soon after Victoria Beckham faced criticism for posting a similar photograph of her kissing her daughter Harper.

Commenters accused Katie of attention seeking with the picture of her disabled 14-year-old son, captioned: "Love my Harvey."

One wrote: "Old news.. hasn't this been done before? Victoria Beckham already achieved max publicity for this pose," while another wrote: "Show off and copying Victoria, she always is hungry for attention, she likes it."

Another angry commenter said: "Difference is Victoria posted an innocent picture then got a load of backlash, this is just for attention and to stir it up, she knew she'd get attention with this picture, maybe stop using Harvey."

Others said it was "wrong" to kiss her children on the lips.

But Katie's fans leapt to her defence, with one saying: "It's a sad sad day when a child can't kiss his mummy, Katie you carry on kissing your boy and ignore the sad creeps on here that see it as something wrong xx."

Another told her: "Society has gone mad! Can't kiss your own children on the lips???? These people should be ashamed with their small minded disgusting opinions not you Katy!!! Carry on kissing your babies as you do, I certainly will mine."

Katie responded with a video of her son captioned "Harvey hits back". In the video she can be heard asking: "Harvey what do you want to say to people when Mummy kisses you?"

Harvey, who is autistic, partially blind and has Prader-Willi syndrome, replied: "Leave my Mummy alone. I want to kiss Mummy."

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