Shocking road rage footage captured in Australia

Daring Road Rage Incident Sparks Outrage in Adelaide

Dashcam footage has been released showing a motorist in Australia swerving across lanes, brake-checking and even reversing the wrong way in a road rage incident.

The unnamed driver filmed it all on July 26 in Pooraka, a suburb of Adelaide. He told Storyful that he was driving to work in his van when the road rage happened after a set of traffic lights.
He said that the driver seen above "put his foot down and sped off in front of me" after the lights had turned green.

"I clapped my hands at him and he got p***ed off. He started swearing at me and stuck his fingers up at me," he continued.

The angry driver does his best to block the van's path, and eventually comes to a complete stop. Other traffic drives past the pair before the car reverses in an apparent attempt to ram the van, but ends up on a verge.

Fortunately, no collision occurs before the video ends. Police are investigating.
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