Peep Show is getting its third US remake and UK fans can't believe the news

Peep Show, the long-running Channel 4 series which starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb, is getting a US makeover and fans aren't happy.

Cable network Starz is developing the show for American audiences with creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong as consulting producers.

The US version will be written by Eli Jorne, an executive producer and writer of offbeat comedy Wilfred with Elijah Wood and Jason Gann.

Robert Webb as Jeremy and David Mitchell as Mark in Peep Show (Mark Johnson/Channel 4)
Robert Webb as Jeremy and David Mitchell as Mark in Peep Show (Mark Johnson/Channel 4)

It's the third time an attempt has been made to get Peep Show off the ground in America. A previous pilot in 2005 starred Johnny Galecki before he signed on for The Big Bang Theory.

Talking about the move, Sam and Jesse said: "We are hugely relieved to hand over the responsibility of coming up with the dark and twisted thoughts of two terrible men to the extremely funny, dark and twisted Eli Jorne."

Channel 4's Peep Show (Angus Young/Channel 4)
Channel 4´s Peep Show (Angus Young/Channel 4)

Multi award-winning and critically acclaimed, Peep Show ran from 2003 until 2015 and centred around Mark (David) and Jeremy (Robert), two flatmates living in south London.

US adaptations of British comedies have not always succeeded across the pond in recent years, with The Inbetweeners serving as a typical example. The American incarnation was axed after one season in 2012.

Fans expressing their thoughts on Twitter did not have high hopes for the Starz production.

Hands off Peep Show!

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