Shock as Jason Burrill beats favourite Hughie Maughan to be named Big Brother champion 2016

Hughie Maughan was expected to be winner of this year's Big Brother, but in a shock twist it was Jason Burrill who won the viewers' vote.

Host Emma Willis named Jason as the winner of the series and the £70,000 prize to audible boos from the crowd outside the house.

The pair embraced and shook hands as Jason himself looked visibly shocked.

Hughie picked up Emma and swung her around after he kissed fellow housemate Ryan Ruckledge as he left the house.

He said: "I was myself and I just got through it."

Hughie spun host Emma Willis around as he left the house (Channel 5)
Hughie spun host Emma Willis around as he left the house (Channel 5)

He added: "You can't act 24 hours a day, I was completely myself. I was just in the house and it's only those moments when you go live that you remember you're in Big Brother.

"I've been on a journey and I've realised I don't have to let people get to me so easily, I don't have to get so loud."

Asked about his relationship with Ryan, he said: "I've never met anyone like Ryan in my life. If we get together I would be really, really happy."

Ryan and Hughie shared a kiss as he exited the house (Channel 5)
Ryan and Hughie shared a kiss as he exited the house (Channel 5)

Ryan opened his shirt to camera to reveal that he had Hughie's name tattooed on his chest over his heart to Hughie's bemusement.

Of winner Jason, he said: "I'm really happy for him because I think he's about to have a heart attack.

"I don't think anyone thought he would win but I'm runner up, I'm so happy to be here."

 Viewers were less happy that he didn't win.

In their hearts, they knew the real winner.

Jason, who had already won £20,000 in prize money, climbed the stairs to the house slowly before the doors opened and he walked out shaking his head.

He said: "I didn't think I would be here from day one. I'm not a man of many words."

Asked by Emma why he found his time so tough, he added: "On the outside you have control of your own life but inside you tell us what to do and have no control and that's the frustrating part. I might have vented once or twice."

Jason's shock at winning was evident (Channel 5)
Jason's shock at winning was evident (Channel 5)

Speaking about his ex partner and fellow housemate Charlie Doherty, who he clashed with in the house, he said: "Hopefully we can be amicable, it's another chapter in our lives.

"In the situation we were in it was so tense, we struggled in the last few months."

There were a lot of jokes that Charlie's resolve might crack now Jason had won.

For some the world had gone mad....

... but others thought Jason was a deserving winner.

Either way, congratulations, Jason!

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