Listen to this woman sing Something Inside So Strong for Jeremy Corbyn

One woman has taken her love for Jeremy Corbyn to new heights by recording a special version of Something Inside So Strong.

Lisa Dempster wrote on Youtube: "I love this inspirational song and changed the lyrics a little to make a support song for JC. If you like it feel free to share...Peace and love will always win."

Our favourite lyric is: "Fellow Corbynistas / When they insist he's just not good enough / Well we know better / Just look them in the eyes and say / We're voting for him anyway."

The viewers were pleased, with positive comments all round.

"I am sure you made Jeremy Corbyn proud!" wrote one. Another wrote: "Brilliant - this is one of my favourite songs and your voice is amazing Lisa."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during the public launch of his campaign to retain the party leadership in Manchester.
(Neil Jones/PA)

One got a little more enthusiastic: "JUST MAKE HIM PM NOW - TOO INSPIRATIONAL."

Keep singing Lisa - the crowd loves you.

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