BMW driver caught playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel

A safety campaigner has captured the moment a BMW driver was playing Pokemon Go while sitting at a traffic light.

The footage was hot by a cyclist on Warwick Road in Westminster, London, on Friday night.In the video, the cyclist sees the driver on his phone and turns around to approach him. As he gets closer, the popular mobile phone game can clearly be seen on the screen.

When challenged, the driver quickly drops his phone.

According to the Standard, the cyclist – who wishes to be known as 'The Legend of Justice' – said: "I think the smile on his face gave him away after I mentioned Pokémon.

"After being hit 7 times since 2009, I think its time to clean up the streets. I am no vigilante. I just report as it happens.

"This new craze is more frightening, and a matter of time before we hear of Pokémon-related driving accidents."

The footage has been passed to the Met Police's Traffic Offence Reporting Team.

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