Watch Melissa McCarthy, Jeff Goldblum and Jodie Foster 'audition' to be young Han Solo

Alden Ehrenreich had better watch out.

He may have been cast as the young Han Solo in the upcoming standalone Star Wars movie, but it looks like there are a pack of A-listers hot on his heels.

Stars including Will Arnett, Jodie Foster, 50 Cent and Melissa McCarthy all took part in a comic 'faux' audition for the role on Conan O'Brien's US show - with HILARIOUS results.

Jodie Foster in Conan O'Brien skit
Jodie Foster (Conan O'Brien)

When Jodie's turn arrives she steps in front of the camera ready to show off her acting chops. As the pretend casting bosses ask her name, she comes over all two-time Oscar winner and asks "Really?" When they ask again, she snaps: "Jodie f*****g Foster."

Bridesmaids star Melissa is asked how well she knows Star Wars and answers: "I've seen a good portion of one of them... with the small wizard boy... in the school, in the hills..."

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