This bag lets you ride luggage around the airport

'Modobag' Lets You Ride Your Luggage Around The Airport
'Modobag' Lets You Ride Your Luggage Around The Airport

Do you ever get tired of having to drag your luggage around the airport? Or maybe you worry you won't get to your gate on time and you'll end up missing your flight?

Well one new gadget could put an end to both of those problems because now you can ride your luggage around the airport.

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'Modobag' luggage carries you and you travel accessories and it claims to be able to hit speeds of up to 8mph.

The high-tech bag weighs around 19 pounds and it comes with USB ports and offers real-time location tracking.

Interested? You might have to start saving because they don't come cheap, early bird prices start at $995.

So, now you really have no excuse to miss your flight!