Car crash trauma depicted in virtual reality

Car Crash Trauma Depicted in VR

The trauma faced by car crash victims has been depicted in virtual reality in an effort to warn young drivers of the danger of the road.

A report produced by the BBC shows a group of students from Market Harborough experiencing the aftermath of a car crash via a VR headset.
The simulation is staged by actors working alongside real emergency services professionals, and clearly has the required effect on the students, judging by their reactions.

'Shocking' and 'scary' are words used by to describe the virtual experience, which brought home 'just how quickly everything can go wrong' to the youngsters.

Figures show that one in four of those under 24s will crash within two years of taking their driving test, many of which are avoidable given the proper preventative education.

Also featured in the report is a testimonial from Michael York, a young man who was sent to prison after killing two of his friends in a drink-driving collision.

Finally, the students experience how restricted vision affects their ability to control a car, donning 'beer goggles' while attempting to pilot a go-kart around a course.
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