Astonishing message written on Hermes delivery note

Hermes delivery note

Kim Thursfield, a 27-year-old mum and theatre school boss from Bromley had ordered some nappies online, but was out when the deliverydriver arrived. She picked up the note to check where the parcel had been left and read: "Maybe you should stop ordering online as you are never there".

She was shocked by the note, and complained to Hermes on Twitter. She pointed out that it was none of the driver's business why she ordered online. She told The Sun she shopped online partly for lower prices, and partly because with a toddler in tow it was never easy to go shopping.

She told the Daily Mail: "On this particular occasion I wasn't at work. My husband was off, I had the day off, so we went to the farm with our daughter. Hermes didn't give us a delivery slot or time so it was anyone's guess when the parcel might have arrived."

Kim Thursfield

Delivery issues

This isn't the first time people have taken to social media to vent their frustration at delivery companies. The problem is that the couriers are not paid for several attempts to deliver the parcel - just one.

It means that not only do they get frustrated when someone is out, but that sometimes they go to extreme lengths to ensure delivery.

Last year we reported on the delivery driver caught on camera throwing a parcel over the gate. The victim had posted the footage online - along with his thanks to Hermes for ensuring 'safe;' delivery of his package.

Last December, a note from Amazon went viral. It had been delivered to a man from Cheltenham and was marked 'left in bin'. The package of Christmas gifts had indeed been left on top of bags of rubbish in his wheelie bin.

A year earlier we reported on the man from Hove who got home to a delivery note from Hermes marked "Stuck on roof - sorry!" It was wedged in a gutter 20 feet up. The note went viral, and Hermes sent the driver back with a ladder to retrieve the package.

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