100 Year Old Drivers: Rebooted's Joseph, 98, sparked a love-in on social media

Some of Britain's oldest drivers were the stars of ITV's 100 Year Old Drivers: Rebooted, but it was Joseph Batty-Peirson who proved a favourite with viewers.

The documentary explored why, and how, a selection of Britain's older drivers are still behind the wheel.

Romance was in the air as we followed 98-year-old Joseph who has an eye for the opposite sex - and that's why he continues to drive to this day.

Joseph Batty-Peirson from 100 Year Old Drivers: Rebooted (screengrab/ITV)
Joseph Batty-Peirson from 100 Year Old Drivers: Rebooted (screengrab/ITV)

"When the twinkle goes out of my eye for the ladies, I shall turn up my toes and die," he said on the programme.

Keen on finding a wealthy widow, Joseph set up an internet dating profile and lied about his age - hoping to pass himself off as 83.

There were some familiar faces from previous series, including Ken and Edna Medlock who have a combined age of 200. But viewers who took to Twitter to have a say appeared to be captivated with Joseph.

We love Joseph!

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