Wild boar attacks sunbathers on beach in Poland

Wild boar attacks sunbathers on Polish beach

A wild boar sent tourists running in terror as it emerged from the sea and started charging people sunbathing on a beach.

The frightened boar attacked holidaymakers as they soaked up some rays in Karwia, a Baltic Sea village in northern Poland, reports the Metro.

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Footage of the incident was caught on camera and shared on social media.

The boar runs riot knocking people off their feet. Holidaymakers can be heard screaming in the background as it charges around the sand.

According to 9News, one person exclaims: "Jesus! It is attacking people! Let's all go into the water."

A group of men try to surround it and appear to chase it off the beach and back into the surrounding forest. But not before it knocks another unsuspecting holidaymaker over on its way out.

Never mind a bear, that's a boar with a sore head.

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