Road-rage driver has karma served to him

An angry Lada driver got his just deserts after abusing another motorist on a busy road in Kharkov, Ukraine.

The incident, which was caught on the victim's dashcam, began when he turned his indicator off while changing lanes before he had completed the manoeuvre.
Apparently this was enough to justify the Lada driver pulling in front of him and verbally abusing him while brandishing a bar-like object.

After seeing off the crazed Lada driver, the filming vehicle continued on its way, only to come across the very same car crashed further along the road.

CCTV footage of the crash shows the Lada Riva running a red light and ploughing into the side of a silver estate. Both cars are sent spinning as a result of the impact.

It is unknown whether the occupants of either car were injured.

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